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Credence High School provides excellence in academic and non-academic activities so as to mould a child into a wholesome personality .The School is committed in providing an exceptional education menu for children to easily transition their learning process to schools &universities worldwide . We are dedicated in instilling our students the qualities and skills necessary to become confident and independent individuals prepared for the responsibilities of adult life and their own economic well-being. High self-respect is developed in a caring and cooperative environment in order to foster the leadership and interpersonal skills needed to be a citizen in a modern and changing global society.

The school is licensed by KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority, Dubai) and will be offering CBSE program from Central Board of Secondary Education of India.

Our academic partner is iDiscoveri and the module of teaching would be through iDiscoveri’s Xseed K-VII teaching & learning programme. The unique characteristic of the Xseed teaching-learning programme is that it replaces traditional teacher-centric chalk-n-talk one step method of teaching, with Xseed’s five-step teaching-learning system. Xseed has been designed to ensure that each class begins with setting the goals of the lesson, followed by introduction of an experimental activity, teacher-student reflection and analysis, application of learning, and assessment. The comprehensive Xseed programme ensures that children absorb and apply knowledge, instead of merely memorizing texts. It also ensures that all teachers teach well – instead of the just exceptional ones – and all students learn.

“We Laugh, We play, We teach, We learn” being the theme for the children which would be nurtured in them by specially trained faculty with a unique style of teaching and approach .The school caters to the parents who believe in a different form of learning, innovative outdoor learning and education that gives their children an all-round growth and holistic thinking tools, all at a reasonable cost.

The school is situated off Shaikh Zayed Road, behind Al Khail Mall, with a sprawling campus, spacious enough to provide and fulfill all the facilities that every child requires. Academic facilities include a library, lab, music and dance hall as well as a multi-purpose hall, which can be used for indoor sports, cultural activities and dining .The outdoor sports activity will include a football field, track,basketball, volleyball, cricket nets & swimming pool.
Our school with its excellently designed facilities offers opportunity for children to build the foundation for future success.