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Note from Chairman

“Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

It was the day I attained fatherhood it dawned upon me that the role of education in the life of a child is next to none. With this thought in mind and after years of relentless research into the educational landscape of the region and beyond, this dream turned into reality on 1st of April, 2014. 

It is but natural for a Parent to want their child/children to be educated in the best school. The choice of the parent in selecting a school speaks volumes about the trust that is bestowed upon the school. Hence it is imperative that we live up to their expectations by identifying the individual need of the child, and nurture him/her in a safe, secure and happy environment. While we continue our good work towards fulfilling this duty and obligation to parents and society, I, as the Chairman of the school, would like to put forth what my vision for Credence High School is.

Schooling to me should be that period of a child’s life which is the happiest, the most fulfilling and the most memorable. Children must enjoy coming to school and should be curious to learn. They must feel free to interact with their teachers and never hesitate to either ask or contribute during a class discussion. I understand that what I envisage is easier said than done. However, I also know that with the team of professionals that we have at Credence High, nothing is impossible. It is our teachers who are our greatest asset and we take pride in seeing them motivate students and make them comfortable in their class, helping them blossom into confident and independent young individuals. We as a school are sensitive to the students’ learning needs as well as their emotional needs. The language that we use, the expressions that we exhibit, the forms of remedial measures that we adopt - all go a long way in making us unique in shaping the child’s personality, nurturing free and happy minds, empowering them to excel and contribute to society in the field of their choice. 

With this in mind, I am moving towards making every Credenian an individual who is an epitome of social etiquette. He/ She must take pride in lending a helping hand in any situation, must greet people whether in school or at home, must thank and appreciate not just people who matter, but also people who drive him to school, who help keep his surroundings clean and who make his life more comfortable. Sensitivity to the not so privileged in society must be in every student of Credence High so that he/she can appreciate every human life and understand the concept of dignity of labour. 

I am confident that WE, members of the Credence Family will work together putting in all our efforts and supporting each child and make our dream of making each student better than the best come true with our relentless pursuit for excellence.

Warm Regards

Nalapad Abdulla