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Note From CEO-Principal




“The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”– Robert Maynard Hutchins

We have entered interesting times in education. Technology, communication, and ways of interacting are developing so quickly that we may be preparing our students for careers that don’t yet exist. Our generation relied on the “three Rs” to prepare us for a successful life. The future will demand people who are flexible, effective problem-solvers, and able to think critically about the masses of information that they experience each day. In anticipation of this, we nurture our students to be adaptable, independent thinkers, able to work effectively with others, and imbued with a life-long curiosity and love of learning. These fundamental skills will help our students to meet the growing demands of an evolving world.

Those privileged to be Credenians, know they belong to a school which is known to be building a tradition of excellence. Through an enriched curriculum that offers both breadth and depth, and a stimulating environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity and teamwork, we nurture our children to become balanced leaders with a strong sense of contributing back to society and the world.

We are making all efforts to make sure Credence High School is a warm and special place to learn. Each day we work as a team to support the students along the path of  self-discovery and empowerment that an educational foundation provides.

I invite you to partner with us in this endeavour.

Warm regards

Deepika Thapar Singh