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Grade 6

ASSET Question-A-Day | 22 February 2019

Grade 6 | Science

The table below gives the time of sunrise and sunset for Mumbai during the month of November.

Which of the following can we conclude based on the table?
From the beginning to the end of November, _______________________________.
the Sun rises earlier in the day
the Sun sets later in the day
the amount of daylight increases
the amount of daylight decreases

Yesterday's Question | Maths

Raju goes to the Fun-Fair with 3 of his friends. They see that the entry fee for each person is Rs 20. Also, they get a free entry ticket if they purchase 4 tickets.

So they decide to invite one more of their friends and go as a group of 5. They decide to share the total entry fee equally among the 5 of them. How much does EACH PERSON SAVE because of this?

Rs 4
Rs 5
Rs 15
Rs 20

Correct Answer: A