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School Events


Competitions such as these not only boost the oratory skills and confidence of the students but also   ...School Events

Agriculture is a nature friendly and most peaceful method of livelihood and a major source of income in many countries around the world. The UAE being a desert country has adopted innovative ways to enhance its agricultural produce.

The Emirates environmental group on 23rd April 2018 conducted a public speaking competition for schools at the Dubai knowledge park. Our students of Grade 8 and 9 participated in the sub-senior group and chose to speak on “Agriculture: A feasible future for the region?” The agricultural practices in the UAE, methodologies involved in cultivation and innovations in the field of agriculture were some of the topics that were delved upon. Students also presented their ideas on how agriculture could be utilized to improve the economy and livelihood of the people of the UAE.

Competitions such as these not only boost the oratory skills and confidence of the students but also improve their knowledge of the world around them.


    Week was filled with various activities starting from in-classroom to doing things at home for and by students to stand up for Anti-bullying.   ...School Events

    As part of the initiative of 'The national week of the anti-bullying in the schools' during April 22 to April 28, 2018, Credence High School went on a full-fledged week of creating a culture among our students at school to share and know the importance of empathy, kindness and compassion as a way of helping children feel safer and happier at school.

    The week was filled with various activities starting from in-classroom to doing things at home for and by students to stand up for Anti-bullying. Starting from KG – Grade 9, we had various sessions on the students understanding about anti-bullying and also sharing ways to stop bullying in any form in school.

    The teachers of KG students put up a play for all the students so that they understand how not to bully their friends or be rude. The teachers enacted through a play how it is important to be kind and loving to people around them.

    From Grade 1 – 3, students discussed about how bullying can be stopped in school and also shared who are the safe people they can talk to if they feel they are bullied/troubled.  The students put down three names who they thought they could talk to when they feel unsafe or bullied in school.

    From Grade 4 – 9 the students discussed about the various kinds of bullying that happens in school and outside. The students also discussed on why they think bullying happens.  Some classes also created posters on anti-bullying to share the message across the school.

    At the end of the week a video was compiled of the way the children can stop the menace of bullying.  This video was shared as ‘students’ voice’ in the special Assembly.  The week concluded with the special assembly by Grade 6 students who shared their thoughts on the importance of living a selfless life and being enlightened to be their own light. Students also watched the song by Ed Sheeran of how he was bullied as a child and how he never gave up!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_sqwDQ_j0M – Ed-Sheeran: From Stutterer to Superstar

    At the end of the assembly, students took an oath that they will be kind, compassionate and empathic to all those around them and they will ensure that Credence is a bully-free school.    

    The parents were also asked to participate in this mission by sharing and talking to their children about anti-bullying. The following message was shared with parents. 


      EARTH DAY 22ND APRIL 2018
      The Students of Pre-KG to Grade 9 celebrated the Earth day by participating in various activities he   ...School Events

      “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” -Mahatma Gandhi                                                                                                                                                                                                             April 22nd is celebrated as The Earth day every year all over the world. It is a day when we pause to think about the effect of our actions and inactions on the environment and reiterate our efforts to protecting and preserve it.

      The Students of Pre-KG to Grade 9 celebrated the Earth day by participating in various activities held to generate awareness such as best out of waste, Earth day collage, seed fillers, outdoor planting activities, Earth day craft work, posters and carbon footprint tracking. The children and the faculty took a pledge to save Mother Earth. Children were reminded that it is ‘Earth Day, Everyday’ and we have to be consistent in our efforts to protect it. Simple tasks such as not wasting water, saying no to use of plastic bags, planting trees and influencing adults to car-pool were some of the tasks the children decided to work on.  

      Internationally, this year’s Earth Day is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to eventually end plastic pollution which is the greatest hazard to the Earth. 

      Let us all make a conscious decision to contribute to preserving nature, let us make each day Earth Day so that the future generations will get to enjoy and bounties of Mother Earth  just as we do today! 


        Effective visual learning of the Solar system, night sky, star gazing, galaxies, light years were en   ...School Events

        “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an Ocean.” - Isaac Newton

        Astronomy is one of the most interesting and intriguing topics among students. The mysterious world of space and stars came to life in the school auditorium to the fascination of our young learners. The In-School Astronaut Program was organized by the Mystery domes in a full dome digital mobile planetarium on April 16th and 17th 2018 for the Students of KG 2 to Grade 9. The show was designed and customized to suit different age groups, keeping in mind the student’s acumen. The  effective visual learning of the Solar system, night sky, star gazing, galaxies, light years and the conspicuous lacuna of astronomy with 3D effects, was enjoyed by our students with enthusiasm and awe. 

        The unique experience of space with advanced space-age audiovisual technology was a pedagogical learning experience on astronomy and created a scientific curiosity. We include such effective programs so that our students envisage the world of Science and Innovation right within the confines of the school.


          The students visited the dairy museum and learnt about the history of the dairy farming.   ...School Events

          It was a day of eager anticipation and visual learning for our students who visited one of the leading farms in the UAE in the desert of Al Khawaneej, Dubai housing over 13,000 cows.

          During the tour of the Al Rawabi Dairy Farm and Museum, the children witnessed processes such as feeding of livestock, machine milking, milk testing, pasteurization and bottling.  The sight of the cows grazing in the barns and the calves playfully running around the green pastures was a sight to behold.  

          Needless to say, the dairy industry has seen tremendous progress over the years with state of the art machinery replacing manual labour.  Today, the entire process of ‘from the farm to the home’ is systematic, clean and done with minimum human intervention which the students could understand and appreciate.

          Excursions such as these are a regular feature of our hands-on-learning policy.  They are not only fun outings but also generate the much needed enthusiasm and awe among the students. 


            Importance of personal grooming and hygiene, parent and school communication were discussed.   ...School Events

            The Orientation Programme held between 24th March 2018 and April 12th 2018 was specifically designed to provide helpful information about School guidelines and objectives, curricular and co-curricular activities through the year.

            The Leadership team led by the School Principal, Ms. Deepika Thapar Singh, welcomed the gathering followed by the respective class teachers who gave an in-depth information about student curriculum, activities and life at credence. The H.O.D’s and subject specialists also interacted with the parents and briefed them about the various methodologies deployed while transacting curriculum. The importance of personal grooming and hygiene, parent and school communication, medical care and assessment patterns was also discussed. Parent and child relationship guidance was given by the school counselor. The importance of physical activity for the fitness of the child was conveyed by the Head of P.E.Department. Parents were familiarized with their child’s classrooms and their activities.

            The session concluded with the clear understanding by all present that, communication and a good parent school partnership is imperative and key for a successful academic year.

            All of us at Credence are looking forward to a fruitful and rewarding year ahead. 


              Happy World Autism Awareness Day! Autism Awareness leads to Autism Acceptance. Credence High School   ...School Events

              On the 2nd of April, 2018 Credence High School welcomed its team and students to the new academic year for 2018-19 as the excitement was in the air. We kept the spirit going on by dedicating this day to mark the World Autism Awareness. The management leadership team members shared their message to the school staffs on the importance of raising Autism awareness and to spread more acceptance and love across in school. We spread the awareness also on our social media (Facebook), the following message was shared on the post.

              On April 5th at Credence we dedicated our Special Assembly in school to raise Autism awareness and to build a future of individuals that accept their fellow friends as they are and celebrate the joy of being unique. The school staff were all dressed in shades of blue, to signify our support to Autism. The children were shown a video (Amazing Things Happen!) which give them an idea and understanding about Autism.

              At Credence we have also dedicated the month of April to spread the awareness and acceptance of people under the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). To ensure that this is happening with our students even at home. We have requested parents to talk to their children about the same and spread acceptance and respect for people under the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We also shared resource videos to help parents initiate this conversation and take the message across. The following email was mailed to all our parents.


                Students experienced, firsthand information and guidance about the Kenken puzzle.   ...School Events

                KenKen is a world famous math puzzle that is considered as Sudoku Plus. It is recognized by the NCTM (The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, USA), as a powerful tool to build reasoning skills, problem solving aptitude, perseverance and mental stamina in children.

                UAE's biggest math puzzle championship, Kenken International Championship 2018 opened its doors for Grade 3 to 9 students of the Credence High School. Students experienced, firsthand information and guidance about the Kenken puzzle and the championship from the Kenken representative.

                The KenKen International Championship is an Annual international competition (International round to be held in New York), being conducted in the UAE. At each level students receive medals and certificates and cash prizes and the trophy from the National level onwards. Ten students will also be selected for an all-expense paid trip, to represent UAE in New York.

                Our students solved some puzzles, learned to solve the ones they couldn’t with the help of KenKen representative. Children put to practice their problem solving skills. Children were encouraged to register and take part in the same. Some of our students have registered and will take part in the KenKen International Championship 2018, we wish them good luck.