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School Events


It was a day to remember before a long summer break, as they carried back with them the memories.   ...School Events

To celebrate the end of the term and beginning of summer break, on Thursday 28th June 2018, Grade 4 presented a special assembly on one of the most valuable topics “Respect”.

The students commenced the assembly by invoking god’s blessings followed by thought for the day and news. A group song was sung melodiously by the students and Arabic dance was well presented by them. The assembly concluded with the award ceremonies, students of speed reading competition were felicitated with certificates and gifts followed by the qiraat competition certificate distribution. Children of Zayed walk were awarded with medals. Star class of the month was announced as well, Grade 8 were the winner’s. The National abacus and mental arithmetic award winner was felicitated and good behavior certificates were awarded as well. All students proudly received their awards from our CEO-Principal Ms. Deepika Thapar Singh.

After the assembly, the students were shown a movie and had a great time together. It was a day to remember before a long summer break, as they carried back with them the memories of quality time spend with their teachers and friends. 


    For those who can afford it, there are endless opportunities to give someone something that brings g   ...School Events

    Every good act is charity and giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference                  

                                                                                                                                         -    Kathy Calvin

    On the occasion of Ramadan and to value the virtue of charity, Credence High School in collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent initiated the “Toys with wings”, A two month long campaign from April 29th to June 27th 2018 for the students of Pre-kg to Grade 9.  Students were encouraged to donate new and used toys which were in good condition and contribute to this campaign.

    For those who can afford it, there are endless opportunities to give someone something that brings great joy and happiness to either of them. “Toys with Wings” campaign began with great zeal and enthusiasm, each class was provided with the Red Crescent carton where students put in their toy contributions. There was a sense of joy and satisfaction each time they joined together to contribute in the mission to give children like them an opportunity to connect back with their childhood and to bring a smile on their faces. Children brought various kinds of soft toy, remote control toys, plastic and wooden toys which were in good condition. By the end of the campaign, students generously contributed to the mission and a total of 30 Red Crescent cartons filled with toys were ready, packed and loaded off in the Red Crescent truck. It was an honor to know that these toys would be distributed to the refugee camps, orphanages, children’s villages and pediatric hospitals by the Red Crescent Society which aims to recognize the important role that toys play in the growth and development of children.

    It was a great experience to have partnered with Emirates Red Crescent society in contributing to this noble cause. Kudos to the parents and students for joining hands to bring a smile on the faces of underprivileged children.  We know that somewhere, an innocent child is will be having a joyful time with your generous toy contribution.


      Competition bolstered students in developing their proficiency in reading and enhanced their self-co   ...School Events

      “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”                                                                         -Dr. Seuss

      Books are a uniquely portable magic and this magic came into reality when the group story reading competition – ‘Read Aloud’ was conducted on 26th June 2018 in the school auditorium for the students of Grade 1. This competition bolstered students in developing their proficiency in reading and enhanced their self-confidence. It also provided them with an excellent opportunity to improve their English language skills, inculcate the habit and love for reading and promoted the spirit of healthy competition.

      Students read aloud as a group with emphasis on fluency, clarity, articulation and voice modulation. Contestants were given short selection of a story. Together, students recited the story in the group before the panel of Judges. Their reading was well synchronized; Grade 1B secured the 1st position and the 2nd position was bagged by Grade 1D followed by the 3rd position by Grade 1 A. It was a learning experience for all students, everyone enjoyed the process of reading as a group.

      As rightly quoted by the renowned writer Voltaire “Let us read and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” Kudos to the ardent reading and team effort of Grade 1 Students.


        At Credence High School we care about the safety of our students and staff, mock fire and evacuation   ...School Events

        Fire drills are an important part of our fire safety procedures for many reasons. A meeting for all the staff members was called on 25th June 2018 to brief them about the Fire Drill Procedure and to have a recap on what needs to be done in case of a fire emergency. Marshalls were assigned duties and were asked to guide and monitor sections assigned to them along with the exit points.

        A mock fire and evacuation drill involving students and all staff members was conducted on 26th June 2018 in school to create awareness among students about firefighting and ways to respond speedily in times of emergency situations such as a fire. While planning the evacuation plan, the students and teachers were split into various teams as per the fire drill procedure. Classrooms on each floor including all other rooms of the school building were divided as per the plan into various exit points supervised and guided by marshals. The evacuation action began moments after the fire alarm was rung by a staff member. Students were guided at every point by teachers and staff members until everyone was safe and outside the school building at the assembly point. The headcount was then tallied with the attendance of students and staff by the respective teachers and Marshalls to ensure all are safe.

        At Credence High School we care about the safety of our students and staff, mock fire and evacuation drills train students and faculty about the importance of life saving tips and what they need to do during fire crisis. They also help you to test the effectiveness of the fire evacuation plan.


          SING – A –THON
          The little voices resonated so beautifully and brightened up everyone’s morning.   ...School Events

          Singing is one of the simplest and yet most powerful forms of music-making. The students of Kindergarten hosted their own “Sing-a-thon” programme and brought joy to their parents and teachers as they sang joyfully in groups on Monday 25th June 2018. Each class sang as one team, in unity by hitting the right notes. The little voices resonated so beautifully and brightened up everyone’s morning.   

          Music and Singing is the most favourite activity among children. Children of every section sang with zest and delight. Over the course of days each class had their own song to rehearse and their performance was impeccable. The recitals were from a playlist of joyful songs – One Little finger, the more we get together, five little monkeys, Fruit salad, Rainbow song, beautiful day and coconut soap. They were filled with enthusiasm looking at their parents who encouraged them while they sang melodiously and captured their beautiful moments.

          Singing is the expeditious and most direct way to learn and internalize music. Activities such as these develop both music and language skills among the children at a very tender age. These simple melodies, repeated rhythmic patterns and long vowel sounds enhances concentration, simulation to rhythm and interaction among children. Well done little champions!


            INDIA @ 70 - HERITAGE QUIZ
            The series of the quiz had different exciting rounds such as puzzles, Picture recognition, Personali   ...School Events

            It’s not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind” 

            India’s Heritage and culture is dynamic, spanning back to the beginning of human civilization. To commemorate the 70 illustrious years of India since independence, the Consulate General of India, Dubai in collaboration with the Indian High School hosted India @ 70 Heritage Quiz. 36 schools from all over UAE participated in the competition. It was a great platform for our students to be a part of this event.

            India @ 70 Heritage Quiz focused on the glorious past, present and future of India, keeping in mind the rich heritage of our nation. The quiz commenced with the preliminary round on June 11th, 2018 where the students of Grade 7, 8 and 9 participated in the multiple choice written questionnaire round. Three top scoring students from each class participated in the semi-final and final round which was held on 20th June 2018 in The Indian High School, Dubai. The quiz commenced with the assembly and general instructions followed by the semifinal round quiz which comprised 30 audio and visual questions. The Top 6 teams were chosen for the final round. The renowned personality widely regarded as the "Father of Indian television quizzing"- Mr.  Siddhartha Basu was the quiz master.  The series of the quiz had different exciting rounds such as puzzles, Picture recognition, Personality quiz, IQ Level questionnaire round and general knowledge questions. There was spot quiz for the students among the audience which made the event even more exciting.

            It was a remarkable day for our students to learn more about heritage and current events where they gained immense knowledge besides interacting with other students sharing their thoughts and ideas. Competitions such as these boost the confidence level and are important for our students to have a better awareness of the World Heritage.


              Children learnt from each other and interacted, bringing out the best in them.   ...School Events

              “Every child is an artist and is gifted with imagination and imagination is the door of possibilities.”


              To celebrate Art and bring out the artistic expression of Ramadan, the second Interschool Art and Craft Fiesta ‘Mahrajan Ramadan’ was held on Tuesday 12th June 2018 in the school auditorium. Students of KG 2 and Grade 1 from over 15 schools of Dubai participated in the event. The children were introduced to different art forms to express their imagination in the form of art and craft.

              The event commenced with the welcome of the participants followed by registration. The participants were divided into small groups monitored by a teacher. The process of learning and exploring began where they were introduced to different kinds of art forms like pixel painting, pointillism, sketch pen art, fork painting, printing art such as block, cardboard, leaf and vegetable print were introduced. Children also learnt from each other and interacted, bringing out the best in them. They were artistic, creative and eager to learn and they made different artistic exhibits of mosque and lanterns. The finished art displays were amazing as the children had let their imagination to create magic.

              To us, every child was a winner. Participants were presented with certificates as a token of appreciation for their active participation.

              Hats off to the Kindergarten and the school art & craft department who made this event a huge success. Everyone marveled at the artistic talents of the young minds. It was a very successful event and a memorable one!

              The masterpieces of the young artists will be displayed on the school walls to make memories and add color to the school.


                SPECIAL ASSEMBLY BY KG2-D
                It was a treat to watch the students who spoke about how they can show respect to their friends, tea   ...School Events

                On 11th June 2018, the students of KG2 D presented a thematic assembly on how to show respect to friends, teachers, school, parents and family.

                The assembly commenced with the Quran recitation followed by the thought for the day and a video presentation on how to inculcate respect at school which was well presented. It was a treat to watch the students who spoke about how they can show respect to their friends, teachers, school, parents, and family and to themselves.

                All decked up in colourful attire, the students performed with confidence and enthusiasm. They danced to the foot tapping tune of the song “It’s About Respect “It was a proud moment for all the parents to watch their kids perform. Everyone gathered in the auditorium was happy by their enthusiastic performance. Hats off to their performance. 


                  TRIP TO MODHESH WORLD (KG1 TO GRADE 1)
                  Students were overwhelmed with joy at the edutainment destination.   ...School Events

                  Most people who grew up in the UAE will remember Modhesh, the yellow, smiling jack-in-the-box character created in 2000 as a mascot for Dubai Summer Surprises. The 19th edition of Modhesh World, one of the region’s largest indoor entertainment and amusement facilities, returned to Dubai World Trade Centre with tons of summer-long fun for Students.

                  On Sunday 10th June 2018 Students from KG 1 to Grade 1 visited Modhesh World. The little ones had endless options to have fun watching live shows, activities and entertainment. This year, under the theme ‘Every Step is a New Adventure’, the park spread across eight halls of the Dubai World Trade Centre offers attractions  of an action planet featuring adrenaline-generating zip lines and climbing walls. A new Dino Park has also been recreated with the prehistoric giants for thrill seekers. And to really cool off, a bigger Ice Rink has returned due to its popular demand.

                  Students were overwhelmed with joy at the edutainment destination as they witnessed the characters of the clowns, princesses with giant lollipops, pirates, wizards who were dressed in a long, blue robe with a pointy hat and ginger hair. There was also an action planet comprised of 50m zip lines, climbing walls and free falls, giving the children an adrenalin rush. They loved the Fly Jump, a trampoline park where they could let go themselves and have fun, while exercising at the same time. The Arcades and rides amid all the other activities were fun, with classics such as dodgem cars and rides. Children also enjoyed painting, colouring and actively participated in different fun activities and shows. They also witnessed the dance show and got a chance to meet our very own Modhesh.

                  Kudos to the modesh world team for bringing joy to the children and spreading happiness. 


                    100% ATTENDANCE
                    Congratulations for 100% Attendance during the month of May 2018   ...School Events


                      QIRAAT COMPETITION
                      A collective effort put in by the students and teachers made the event successful.   ...School Events

                      To commemorate the Holy month of Ramadan, The Islamic Department organized Quran Recitation (Qiraat) Competition on June 6th, 2018 for the students of Grade 1 to Grad 9. The objective of the event was to explore and encourage the recitation skills and confidence in children.


                      The Qiraat competition inspired students to come forward and recite on stage. Students recited different Surahs according to their age level. They participated earnestly in the competition and recited the Quran with full enthusiasm. There were a total of two rounds conducted for grade 1 to 9. Students presented the Qiraat respectfully wearing the traditional ‘Kanduras’ and ‘Abayas’.


                      Considering the UAE’s heritage and culture, the children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence and cherish the rich Islamic heritage. A collective effort put in by the students and teachers made the event successful. Many thanks to all the participants and the Department of Islamic Education for organizing this competition. 


                        THEMATIC ASSEMBLY BY KG2-C
                        It was a day that children have been waiting for with great enthusiasm and excitement to showcase their talent & confidence.   ...School Events

                        “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

                        -   Aesop

                        On 4th of June 2018, the Students of KG2 C presented a special assembly on the theme - kindness. It was a day that they have been waiting for with great enthusiasm and excitement to showcase their talent, confidence and competence to their parents, teachers and fellow students.

                        They were dressed up in pink and blue attire and wore heart shaped headbands.  The assembly commenced by invoking God’s blessings through Quran recitation followed by the school song and UAE Anthem. The thought for the day on kindness was conveyed and the story of the lion and the mouse was enacted very well through a skit.  Each student spoke confidently about the acts of kindness. They performed an action song “Kindness is a wonderful thing” and danced to its foot tapping music leaving a lasting impression.

                        The compassionate caterpillars of KG 2 C were a class of compassionate students, who had a wonderful experience of presenting a engaging assembly. Thematic assemblies such as these carry and convey an important message and etch a memorable experience in the minds of the little children.

                        Thank you dear children for reminding us of the virtue of Kindness!