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School Events

“When you forgive, you in no way change the past - but you sure do change the future.”

Intent: Assemblies help to develop confidence and cultivate a sense of belonging towards our school. When enacting the skit children got the freedom to express feelings to the audience. It is a form of self-expression with the creativity of words and emotion to convey a message to the audience.

Experience: The students of KG2 presented the Assembly with expression and intonations. They presented the assembly on the topic forgiveness and enacted the small acts on the significance of forgiveness for the better understanding of the topic. Further the MANTRA of Forgiveness was put forward to enlighten them how forgiveness affects our bond with each other. They recited and sang together in a group swaying the audience to the melodies of forgiveness. They took this opportunity to involve their parents and in a short question and answer act. The peer students of KG2 and KG1 appreciated and listened to the friends presenting on the stage portraying as the well conducted audience.

Cross Curriculum Link –Moral value – Forgiveness PSED.

Insight: The Assembly helped the children to understand that not only are the words used to give a meaning to a feeling, but the voice, volume, inflexion, pitch, pauses and speed of a person contributes to the entire experience as well. Enhancing the meaning of the topic, the children conveyed the message of Forgiveness with the passion and vocal expression.


    SEWA DAY (PreKG- Gr 10)
    The event was indeed an emotional and a memorable one.   ...School Events

    “SEWA – Little acts of kindness”

    Intent: It is important to teach our children to give back to the community. There are people who touch our lives in different ways each day and to appreciate their efforts; like every year we celebrated the ‘Sewa Day’ on Wednesday, 1st May 2019 in the Special Assembly. ‘Sewa’ as a concept has a deep rooted belief in every society, ‘Sewa’ involves selfless service. It is performed without any expectation of result or award and without any ulterior motive. All it requires is the commitment to do something good for another person.

    Children got an opportunity to do something positive and make a meaningful difference in the life of our Support Staff. Our support staff helps the children in numerous ways, from the time they step out of the house until the time they return home. They love them, care for them and protect them. ‘Sewa’ day was one opportunity to thank them all for their endless support to us.

    Experience: It was not an event of one day but spread over the whole month of April since the school started. The parent community’s contribution to this event is commendable. Donations of various food items like the cereals, pulses, rice, flour, etc. and toiletries were collected over the period of one month. The school staff also contributed to this noble cause. The collection was then distributed among all the support staff members of the school on the special assembly.

    The Assembly commenced with the students Ratul and Ema – the comperes’ conversation about how this wonderful team serves us in our daily lives, the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by the thought for the day and news updates. A short video was played which presented the little acts of kindness by the school children for their bus driver. It was truly a heart touching video. Thereby the choir of grade 5 won over everyone with a beautiful song on ‘Thank you’. The support team of lovely ladies (bus aunties, class aunties, cafeteria in-charge, and life guard) and the gentleman (bus drivers, security, cleaners, office help) were all thanked with the beautifully handcrafted personalized gift created by the students of kindergarten along with donations. The school Principal, Vice-Principal, Administrative Head and Head of Kindergarten helped the children to give away the donations. The Principal addressed the gathering with her inspiring words and the assembly concluded to a gratitude filled speech by one of the representative from the support staff team of the school – Mel.

    Insight: The event was indeed an emotional and a memorable one. It was a perfect example of values like the team work and responsibility when we saw the students of grade 9 completely taking charge of assorting and packing the donation items, while teachers and students working collectively to put the whole event in place.