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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Christmas is not only about the decorations and the presents, but the true spirit of Christmas highlights the value of giving. It is also about celebrating the joy and happiness the festival brings us.

As the term came to an end and the winter break about to begin, the school had an assembly on the Spirit of Christmas. To start off the assembly, we listened to the merry voices of the children of our school, singing Christmas Carols. Then, students from different grades and several nationalities came together to say Merry Christmas in different languages to show us that the festival, Christmas is celebrated all over the world. “I believe that everything doesn’t have to be expressed with words, It can be expressed by different arts.”

We had a glorious dance performance based on the theme “Spirit of Christmas” by the students. The students also performed a skit called “The Little Mouse which told the story about a little mouse who loved Christmas.

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