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Grade 6 | ASSET Question-A-Day

26 May 2020 | Maths

A table showing the details and features of various models of TV which a company manufactures is shown below.

Mr. Shastri wants to buy a TV AND a voltage stabilizer within a budget of Rs. 15000.The features which he wants his TV to have are a ‘Full function remote’ and ‘Stereo sound system’.
A stabilizer costs Rs. 300.Which model should he buy?

Model A
Model B
Model C
Model D

Yesterday's Question | English

Wasn’t it nice of Mark to share his biscuits with us?
Choose the option that means the SAME as the sentence above.

It was nice of Mark to share his biscuits with us.
It is nice to know Mark shares his biscuits with us.
It was Mark who is nice to share his biscuits with us.
It is nice to share Mark’s biscuits among us.

Correct Answer: A


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