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Grade 6 | ASSET Question-A-Day

18 September 2019 |English

Sudha: ____________________________. 
Raji: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
What could Sudha have said to make Raji reply this way?
When I got the first rank in the exams, my parents bought me many gifts.
Only if I get the first rank in the exams, can I ask my parents for lots and lots of gifts.
As soon as I got the first rank in the exams, I started asking my parents for many gifts.
Once I get the first rank in the exams, my parents will buy me a lot of expensive gifts.


Yesterday's Question | Social Studies

The north-eastern state of Assam and the hills of Darjeeling in West Bengal produce the best quality tea in India. From this we can deduce that the ideal geographical conditions suited for tea plantations are ___________.

dry desert lands
humid coastal plains
wet hill slopes
cold mountain deserts

Correct Answer: C

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