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Grade 7 | ASSET Question-A-Day

20 June 2019 | Maths

What is the area of the shaded part in the figure shown below if the area of the entire square is 48 sq. cm?

A. 36 sq. cm
B. 24 sq. cm
C. 16 sq. cm
D. 12 sq. cm

Yesterday's Question | Science

Sultana was observing the behaviour of ducklings. She observed a few ducklings as soon as they had hatched and saw that they followed their mother duck after hatching.

After observing for some time she thought that, after being hatched, the ducklings were most probably just following any large moving object they saw. She wanted to check this idea through an experiment.
Which of these experiments can she do to check this?

A. Take a few ducklings and observe for a year how they move behind different objects as they grow.
B. Take a few ducklings as soon as they hatched; place them in a separate pond with a toy duck that moves and observe their movement.
C. Take the same ducklings; allow them to grow for a year and then again check their movement when their mother is also present.
D. Take the same ducklings and the mother duck; place them in another pond and observe their movement.
Answer : B

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