Credence High School
We Laugh, We Play, We Learn

Why Credence High School

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The Credence Logo – The Child’s hand is conceptualized with the idea of simplicity and
the free spirit of the child in mind. The hand is shaped like a bird in its flight towards
positivity which is depicted by the sun. Credence will strive to identify the child’s
specific need and skill and groom/empower him/her that, like a bird, with a clear and
uninhibited vision, the child can progress towards the goodness of life.

Credence High School, a CBSE affiliated school, offers an inclusive holistic learning program for
students of Pre KG to Grade 12. We strive to deliver high quality education for the diverse
community in the UAE. As responsible educators, we equip our students with the 21st century
skills of Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration and Creativity. By making
sure that our students are competent in these skills, we not only increase their confidence and
desire to learn but also provide them opportunities to become productive, contributing,
and most importantly, fulfilled members of the society.

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