Credence High School
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Curriculum Information

The Vision of Credence High School is ‘To be an institution that nurtures free and happy minds thereby empowering students to excel and contribute to the society in the field of their choice’. Our Vision and the CBSE Curriculum are guiding principles of the school curriculum. The school curriculum is planned meticulously to ensure Holistic development of the students and to empower them with 21st Century skills.

Curriculum Design and Implementation

The curriculum is clearly aligned to the Indian CBSE and is adapted well to include content appropriate to the UAE context. In Kindergarten, the curriculum has been developed keeping in mind the physical, cognitive, social, creative, emotional, knowledge and understanding of the world. KG follows Enhanced Early Years augmented with skill sets and development milestone of international standards. The best practices have been adapted to accommodate learning centres in Kindergarten and Grade-1. These students work in groups within learning centres, which increases their opportunity for independent learning. In Kindergarten, curriculum is theme based & cross curricular links are well established. Classroom learning centres enable integration of literacy, numeracy & understanding of the world. KG children also experience a choice of indoor and outdoor activities during the free flow sessions. It has a clear rationale aligned to the school, Emirate and national visions. It is relevant and promotes innovation and challenge. It provides a balance of knowledge, skills and understanding. It ensures progression in all subjects. Continuity of learning is smooth and students are very well prepared for the next phase of education. There are sufficient curricular options for students. Cross-curricular links are meaningfully planned, assisting transfer of learning between different subjects. The school conducts regular reviews/modification to ensure good provision in almost all subjects and to meet the academic and personal development needs of most students.

Curriculum Adaptation

Modifications to the curriculum are made to meet the needs of the majority of the children. Different tasks and resources are provided so that all groups of children are engaged and motivated. The National Agenda Parameter is the driving force behind the curriculum review & modification. The curriculum is designed to engage almost all the children. Extracurricular activities and links with the community are made such as visit to other schools, field trips, community work and activities including innovation. The curriculum provides opportunities to engage and enhance learning and provides sufficient opportunities for students to develop innovative thinking in lessons and to learn independently. Appropriate learning experiences are integrated through most aspects of the curriculum to enable all students to develop clear understanding of the values of UAE, culture and society. The Emirati club for Grade 1 to 3 offers opportunities to deepen students’ understanding of Emirati culture. Students participate in a rich array of after school extra-curricular activities. Leaders evaluate a wide range of data and information, and reflect on curriculum coverage in each subject to make revisions and adaptations. Consequently, changes to the curriculum are well considered and help to meet the personal and academic needs of most students. The curriculum adaptations for KG-2 children includes, one weekly period of Arabic, English guided reading program, enhancement of life skills , experiential learning through experiments & show and tell to develop their personal & social skills.

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