Credence High School
We Laugh, We Play, We Learn



Credence High School, a CBSE affiliated school, offers an inclusive holistic learning program for students of Pre KG to Grade 12. We strive to deliver high quality education for the diverse community in the UAE. As responsible educators, we equip our students with the 21st century skills of Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration and Creativity. By making sure that our students are competent in these skills, we not only increase their confidence and desire to learn but also provide them opportunities to become productive, contributing, and, most importantly, fulfilled members of the society.


Credence High School believes that all students of determination have the same right as all other students for admission, participation and equity. They have the right to engage and participate in a quality learning experiences alongside same aged peers. We ensure students of determination are not refused admission based only on their experience of need. We are committed to providing “sibling priority” for admission of students of determination. Once enrolled, the students of determination will be actively supported to participate in the process of learning as they develop their potential, and build relationships with their peers, through social interactions in age-appropriate common learning environments. The inclusive support team will ensure that students of determination will be provided with the support, accommodations and curricular modifications required to enable equitable access to educational opportunities.

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