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At Credence High School, we strive to create a generation full of productive, contributing, and fulfilled members of society, who aim to carve their own unique paths. Our students have been accepted by top universities around the globe.

CBSE schools play a major role in developing students' critical thinking skills, which really helps them to confidently appear for competitive examinations. Being a central board, it has common features across the globe so as to allow easy transition into university life with seamless application after school. Credence High school is one of the best CBSE schools in Dubai. At Credence High School, we strive to create a happy environment to engender a perpetual love of learning among our students. Our students learn through the exploration of a well-structured yet dynamic CBSE curriculum. Our educators aim to equip students with vital 21st- century skills like critical thinking, emotional and social intelligence, and resilience that will prepare them to face the future, no matter what it may hold. Apart from academic excellence, we nurture our students’ personal development as well, encouraging them to explore their innate potential to the fullest. 

At Credence High School, we take pride in the hard work and focus that our students put into their academic pursuits. The academic results of all our students and the university offers received by our graduates have been truly heartening. 

As a leading CBSE school in Dubai, our teachers not only support students through personalized learning but also mentor them to help them to plan their future academic and professional goals. Our faculty comes together to support our students throughout their learning journey in secondary school and to celebrate their effort and academic results at the culmination of milestone examinations.

Importantly, while we believe in academic rigor to help our learners achieve their full potential, we also prioritize student well-being and their all-around social-emotional development through our values-based learning approach.

At Credence, we help nurture leaders of tomorrow, who are ready to face all challenges they face going forward in life. They learn to be independent learners and the value of self-discipline and time management. Our school counseling team is always at hand to guide students on their best options for universities and help them to write applications that meet the requirements of their desired colleges for higher studies. Our students have been accepted by top universities around the globe.
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