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Early Years ( PreKG - Grade 1 )

Early Years ( PreKG - Grade 1 )

Our Curriculum aims to:

achieve cognitive, affective and psychomotor excellence;
enhance self-awareness and explore innate potential;
attain mastery over laid down competencies;
imbibe 21st century learning, literacy and life skills;
inculcate values and foster cultural learning and international understanding in an
interdependent society;
acquire the ability to utilize technology and information for the betterment of humankind;
strengthen knowledge and attitude related to livelihood skills;
develop the ability to appreciate art and showcase talents;
promote physical fitness, health and well-being.

Early Years ( PreKG - Grade 1)

The Early Years at Credence is all about love, inquiry, curiosity, exploration, discovery, hands-on experience and life skills. The classrooms are large and bright with an attached washroom, where children supported by highly qualified teachers and caregivers experience pure magic every day. The enriched curriculum is an amalgamation of EYFS, Montessori and Regio. Children learn through structured play planned around the seven interconnected areas of learning and development. Children are guided with care through the five centres namely:

  • Focus centre
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Understanding the World

Syllabus from Pre Kg to Grade 1 (2021 - 2022)

  1. PreKG syllabus        
  2. KG 1 syllabus      
  3. KG 2 syllabus        
  4. Grade 1 syllabus
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