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School Bus Transport Guidelines

School Bus Transport Guidelines


Parents are strongly advised to check their children’s temperatures and screen for symptoms before leaving the house. Children who exhibit symptoms or who are feeling generally unwell are encouraged to stay home.

The bus boarding process will be as follows:

  • Students will sanitize their hands with liquid hand gel
  • Bus attendants will scan the students CHS RFID card (For those students not having the ID card , the same will be issued within their first week of Face to Face learning)
  • Bus attendants will take the temperature of student as they get on the bus.
  • Any student with a temperature reading at or above 37.5°C will not be allowed to board the school bus.
  • It will be notified to the health and safety in-charge in the school who will immediately communicate with school administration and parents/ guardians.
  • Students will maintain a distance of 2 m from each other while boarding the bus.
  • Marks will be placed on chairs for seating guidance.
  • No food or drink (other than water) can be consumed on the bus.
  • Parents of elementary school children are required to have a parent or guardian escort them to the bus stop in the morning and wait with them until they get on the bus.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Transport fee is payable term-wise only and refund of the same is as per KHDA guidelines.
  • Minimum one week would be required to start service for all new registration
  • Change of address/location has to be notified one week in advance by filling up the form.
  • 15 mins waiting time is added to ensure everyone has enough time to get on the bus before the bus leaves the school premises.
  • Students are escorted from the class to the bus by the teacher.
  • The child/children will not be dropped if the authorized parent/escort is not available for pick up.
  • Adults designated to collect the child should carry their Escort identity in the event of verification.
  • For smooth operation of the bus service and to avoid delays, the students/teachers/parents are requested to be at their pick up point 5 minutes prior to the pickup time
  • In case of traffic congestion, buses may arrive at the pickup and drop-off points behind schedule.
  • Parents /Guardians will compensate the school for any damage to the bus or to other travelers as a result of inappropriate action by their child/children
  • Bus No., Pickup and Return time subject to change. All efforts will be made to stick to the timings for the pickup and drop for the child. However, for some unseen reason they are subject to be changed depending on the exigency of the situation.
  • For early pick up of child/children from the school prior intimation MUST be given not later than 10:30 am by sending a notification to reception through the school portal. In case of emergency-pick up, please call the school number 04 321 2144.
  • The refund/cancellation policy will be followed as per the KHDA guidelines.
  • If there is any increase in the bus fee due to change of location, the same will be borne by the parent.
  • Credence High School will endeavor to provide different seating capacity buses, as required.
  • Credence High School reserves the right to decline service to the students who stay beyond our service area or if the minimum bookings are not met or seat is not available in that particular area bus/zone.
  • Credence High School reserves the right to cancel the transport service for those students who do not honour the code of conduct of the school / bus.
  • School RFID must be worn by the student at all times.
  • Credence High School’s liability is limited to the damage and liability covered by a vehicle insurance policy.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic or any other pandemic, the School reserves the right to switch to Distance Learning Education to safeguard the wellbeing of all students, teachers, and staff of the School. At such times the transport fee will not be refunded unless the school is instructed by the government of Dubai to switch to distance learning for a stipulated period of time.

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