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Primary School Dubai

Primary phase ( Grade 2 - Grade 5)

The Primary School Phase at Credence High School, Dubai, includes students of Grade 2 - Grade 5. The central focus of these years is to build on the foundation laid down during the early years and help students apply these concepts in real-life context. By allowing students to collaborate and learn, play and interact in groups, our educators help them develop social intelligence, which is another core area of focus for primary school students in Dubai. The curriculum is interactive, collaborative and designed keeping in mind the unique needs of each student. We aim to equip students with real-world, relevant knowledge and our highly qualified subject teachers work with students to put the theory into practice and make links across the curriculum, where possible. Our educators try to identify each student’s individual strengths and hone them. At the same time, activities are planned meticulously to ensure that we can maximise each student’s learning potential. By the end of the primary school phase, students will be confident and well equipped to graduate to the next level with ease. Credence School is one of the best primary schools in the UAE. For more information about admission into our Primary school, click here.

Syllabus from Grade 2 - Grade 5 (2021 - 2022)

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