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Middle School Phase ( Grade 6- Grade 8)

At Credence High School, Dubai, the Middle School phase comprises Grade 6 to Grade 8 students. The CBSE-affiliated curriculum has been modified to suit the unique needs of Indian and international students residing in the UAE.
Our Middle School learning program is designed to meet the exclusive developmental needs of young adolescents. We offer holistic education focusing on independence, collaboration and responsibility. Our educators work hard to create a learning environment that tickles the child's curiosity and inspires them to learn. We believe that intrinsically motivated and actively engaged students make for the best learners. 
At Credence, we encourage our middle schoolers to push themselves and step out of their comfort zones, while our educators are there to guide them through. Our efforts are focussed on helping them develop a strong sense of self and have an increased level of independence along with responsibility. During this Middle School phase, we want our students to feel actively engaged, connected to their community and confident to take on the new experiences and challenges that senior school will bring.
To ensure holistic development of children, our curriculum includes both scholastic and co-scholastic areas.
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • 2nd Language (Hindi/French) 
  • Arabic
  • UAE Social Studies
  • Computer Studies/Artificial Intelligence,
  • Art
  • Music Dance
  • Physical Education
  • Moral Education 
  • Life Skills
  • Islamic Education (Mandatory for all Muslim students)
Credence School has one of the best middle schools in the UAE. For more information about admission into our Primary school, click here.

Syllabus from Grade 6- Grade 8 (2021 - 2022)

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